Winter in the Garden

Winter in the Garden


So far the weather has been rather mild, which creates a wonderful working condition for this time of year. As the flowers are coming very close to the end of their time, the garden changes in colour, you’d be forgiven for thinking that colour is absent. The large Beech hedges have turned lovely shades of red and orange. Luckily the Beech hedges are reluctant to depart with their leaves just yet.

The work now lends itself to preparation for the year to come. With ground being cleared of weeds, and turned over to allow the soil to ‘breath’, once this has been done Mypex sheets are crucial in ensuring that no weeds grow on the soil.

While the weather has been mild temperature wise, it has lived up to its Irish stereotype when it comes to rainfall. We were fortunate to find a respite from the wet to give the extensive grass areas their final cut of the year. While working we were treated to seeing this late bloom brought on by the mild weather.

-Ross Chippendale, gardener