Restoration Work

Restoration Work

Restoration work is currently underway on two previously forgotten rooms of Strokestown house: the Gentleman’s study used by generations of Mahon men, and the dark room, where photos were painstakingly developed by hand over a century ago. Up until recently these rooms were used as storerooms for what is proving to be a treasure trove of antique photography and scientific equipment, along with plenty of military paraphernalia and British periodicals of the early 20th century. These unique artifacts are being painstakingly restored to their former glory alongside the rooms by a team of avid volunteers, and among their finds so far have been a collection of books on dowsing, 3 helmets from the first /second world war (2 British, 1 German), several army deck chairs, 2 swords and a library of news reports that provide a fascinating insight into the early twentieth century as it happened.


Both of the rooms are being preserved faithfully with many of the original furnishings and possesions that are being carefully restored.

These rooms have never before been opened to the public, and like all our rooms, they provide a unique insight into life in the house. See the sanctuary where a gentleman of the time retreated, what he did there, what he read, and what he surrounded himself with.

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The work is ongoing, but you can get a preview of the rooms during Heritage week this year from the 20th to the 28th of August. You can learn more about this here .