Strokestown Park House - Guided Tour

Join us on a guided one-hour tour of Strokestown Park House, the home of the Pakenham Mahon family for over 300 years, a place where time really has stood still.  Whether they were upstairs or downstairs, each generation added their chapter to the story of this grand Palladian Mansion.  From laughter to tears, celebrations to some of the most devastating years of Irish history, this great house has witnessed it all, so join us on a tour to find out more.

When Olive Pakenham Mahon, the last descendent, left Strokestown Park House in the 1970s she gave future generations a glimpse into the long history of her family, but also into the important role of the House and her ancestor Major Denis Mahon, played in the history of the Irish Famine of the 1840s. This allows us to compare the affluent life of her family with the poverty and destitution of their tenants in the mid-1800s.

Today, thanks to the efforts of Mr Jim Callery, who has preserved and conserved Strokestown Park House for future generations, a guided tour gives you a unique insight into life in one of Ireland’s greatest houses which is still furnished with all of the family’s possessions accumulated over three centuries. 

Take a journey through time as you explore the galleried kitchen – the last of its type in Ireland – the elegant formal rooms, and the children’s nursery and school room. Hear about many of the people who lived and worked here and who knew this fascinating place as home.

Currently, Strokestown Park House and National Famine Museum are closed for redevelopment. 

Strokestown Park House and National Famine Museum will reopen in Summer 2022

Interesting tour of the house with Aidan who was enthusiastic and full of facts and information. Really good way to see how Big Houses used to be and how people of money used to live.
Strokestown House outline