Friday, 16 March 2012 10:37
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Great Weather for Gardening

Great Weather for Gardening.


It has been a really great week weather wise here lots of tidying going on in the Walled Garden. The first lawn mowing began. I always feel that Spring is here when I get that wonderful scent of a freshly mown lawn at this time of year. We really only gave all a light trim to tidy up the straggly bits. Too early for serious mowing. I feel that we are going to have a serious problem with rabbits this year, yesterday as I walked through the garden at least eight rabbits ran ahead of me. What to do???? They can do an awful lot of damage but they are so damn cute. Ground preparation has begun for our tree planting – loosening up of soil in area and removing some rock. We are putting in 400 oak and beech this year. Have a Happy St Patricks Day (They say you should have you apple trees pruned by now, I ask who are they) and a very Happy Mothers Day.

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