Monday, 03 September 2012 12:52
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Visitors to the Walled Garden




Visitors to the Walled Garden

We are in Autumn wow, how the Summer has passed so quickly. Many will ask what Summer??? It has been one of the most difficult gardening years in a long time, but like all gardeners we soldier on. Some success in the vegetable garden we had a great crop of potatoes and lots of spinach and chard. The apple crop seems very good too. Our newly planted trees did not dry out at any stage (ha).

Of course pests were a major problem, mainly slugs and our good old friend the Rabbit. All we can do really is get on with it. There will always be gardening challenges.

Bob Reilly the renowned horticulturalist from Athenry visited last Thursday with a group of horticulturalists from Galway, we had a really great time in the walled Garden and woodlands. Bob was delighted to get a chance to visit the Cotinus obovatus (American Smoke bush) that he so kindly donated to Strokestown Park Walled Gardens a few years ago, great to see it has grown so well. See pic.

Planting Spring bulbs in container these days also, have leeks planted out for Winter too. This coming weekend Strokestown Agricultural Show is on the grounds Saturday and Sunday 8th & 9th September  should be a great weekend.

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