Friday, 09 March 2012 12:09
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Plants Make a Comeback in Walled Gardens


Lots happening in the Walled Garden this week, in the Peach House the peaches are in full blossom, we have a really great old variety of peach called Peregrine. It is a white fleshed peach and definitely one of the nicest peaches you could taste. To help with pollination it’s a good idea to open a few windows there may be a few early bees, but make sure to close windows again in the afternoon. It is best to aid pollination with a soft brush taking pollen from flower to flower this will give you a good crop in mid Summer. Hope the red-spider mite stays away. Christmas 2010 caused a lot of damage in the Garden we were minus 17 Celsius at one point our Tracycarpus fortunei (Chusan Palms) were killed well the good news is that two of them have begun to sprout back into life hooray welcome back. In the next few days tree planting is starting here we are planning on putting in 400 beech and Oak. Lets all hope for nice dry weather.

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