Friday, 04 May 2012 07:49
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Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel.


Great weather these last few days, raining this morning good for the newly planted trees. Really unbelievable how everything has burst into leaf over the last few days. The beech hedges are beginning to push off last years leaf replacing it with beautiful fresh new growth. Colour in the herbaceous border with Camassia, Aconitum, Welsh Poppies, Euphorbia etc. Delighted to see Smilacina racemosa (the False Solomans Seal) starting to flower - beautiful scent. Woodlands are looking fine too lots of growth and wildlife, at times the birdsong is deafening. In the Veg Garden we have not planted out any seedlings yet expecting a cold spell again over the weekend and next week, this would be a major shock to any seedlings so better to hold off for a week. Went out early this morning to get a good photo for putting on here took some nice photos of the border but I also met a Red Squirrel got some really bad photos of him/her, going to use one of these sorry it is not the clearest but if you look really closely you will see him/her.

Gary (works in the gardens) is marrying Jennifer tomorrow wishing them a really great day and a wonderful happy life together.

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