Friday, 06 April 2012 12:08
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Frost Again


Frost Again

Well the weather has changed quite a bit since last week and week before. About a fortnight ago we were hitting 20 degrees during the day then this week we were down to 5 to 8 degrees during the day and freezing at night. A little bit of frost damage can be seen in the herbaceous border in particular Macleaya cordata (plume Poppy) is looking sad. I am sure it will recover. Quite a lot of the fruit trees are in flower in particular the plums hopefully this frost won't knock all of the blossom off and prevent pollination. Other than that the weather has not been too bad, not much rain. Tree planting is well under way about 100 oak and beech in now 300 more to go. The woodlands are really greening up at the moment with a lot of trees breaking bud. In the Glasshouses we have really nice little peaches forming and the grape vines have started to come into leaf. The Fig has a great crop of fruit set on it also. Seedlings are up too. A lot of time was spent on the border dividing and trying to get the Asters back in place they really want to take over the whole border. All set for the Family Fun Day and Egg Hunt this Easter Sunday- Puppets, Music, Crafts, Bouncing , Egg Hunt and Chocolate what more could anyone want? Have lovely Easter.

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