Friday, 30 March 2012 16:21
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Lots happening in Gardens


Work continues with our tree planting area ground work finished planting start next week. The Marquees are up for The Easter Sunday Family Fun Day and Easter Egg Hunt also. Getting in another mowing before the dreaded rain comes. All veg beds have been ploughed and potato drills are now ready for planting. It’s really great seeing small peaches forming in the peach house. Rabbits still enjoying the gardens and estate. The Cherry Blossom is magnificent in the walled Gardens the sunshine has helped.

I planted 3 plants of American Skunk Cabbage (Lysichiton americanus) in the woodlands, one of my favourite bog plants, let’s hope it s successful competing with celandines at the edge of a stream. The first bluebell has opened on the woodland walk also.

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